Saturday, October 25, 2008

Assorted news selection

After 3 days on Albanian soil I'm still experiencing jet lag, and my meal and sleep hours are not yet straightened out, but I feel fine and comfortable in my apartment, where I've already received several visits from local friends.

Thanks to my ADSL service I've continuous access, through Internet, to all sorts of news, especially when I am awake during ungodly hours. For my American friends, who might be interested, I'm sharing here a variety of current goings-on in his part of the world, ranging from entertainment to business, and even politics.

- from -- a film production is taking place about Byron in Albania;
- from EBDR (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) -- expansion of Albanian shopping mall centers;
- from the Jerusalem Post -- Albania: a new Israeli destination;
- from Defense News -- US Defense Officials Visit the Balkans;
- from Associated Press -- further steps of Albania & Croatia into NATO;
- from -- Albanian Judges sacked for corruption;
- from Washington Post -- different Albanian views on U.S. election.

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