Friday, November 26, 2010

The American Holiday

In honor of Thanksgiving Day last evening I held a small party for a few of my Albanian friends, who were eager to learn the origin of this celebratory day in the U.S.

The buffet included an ethnic trio of dishes: from Albanian byrek to Italian specialties, and the American turkey could not be missing either (I didn't roast one personally, but found a delicious, freshly cut, substitute for it).

Although there was a brief rainstorm in the morning the sun peeked through the clouds around sunset, creating an interesting light effect on the mountainous areas surrounding Tirana.

The gathering went well and it was a good occasion for me to give thanks to the participants for the help, care, and kindness they have extented to me in the past, and for their continued support toward the the goals I've set in my work in favor of Albanian youth.

Thinking of all those I left behind in the U.S., I hope and wish that they also had a good day.

A toast to all with some 'spumante' ended the evening.

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