Friday, December 03, 2010

Nasty weather

Although the temperature remains mild here in Tirana, currently having 57F degrees, the rain does not want to stop. It has been steadily ongoing for 2 weeks now.

The flooding in northern Albania has created critical situations; thousands of people had to be evacuated from over 1500 homes. The city of Shkodra and its surrounding towns have been inundated by their overflowing lake.....

[pictures from Gazeta Shqiptare]

All of northern Europe, including northern Italy, is under a heavy blanket of snow, and exceptional freezing temperatures. Even Russia, accustomed to cold weather, is experiencing unusual winter conditions.

Most international airports have been greatly affected, such as London's Gateway that had to be closed for 2 days, and I am beginning to wonder what I'll have to face when returning to NY, via Germany, later this month!

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