Saturday, January 22, 2011

Statistics by flag

After more than six years of blogging, last fall I included a counter showing the number of people accessing my site, which I saw steadily growing over the past 3 months, but the total of which really does not mean very much. Earlier this week, however, out of curiosity, I installed a flag counter in this blog, and lo and behold, I am getting some interesting statistical results.

I started this public diary to share, with friends and relatives, some of my travel experiences and information about my country of origin, knowing that it would also be read by perfect strangers. I never imagined, though, that these individuals would span over so many countries. In about 5 days, people from 15 different nations have accessed my blog.

Due to the nature of my entries, the largest percentage of individuals, obviously, is from the U.S., followed by Albania, which has a large diaspora that lives in surroundings areas such as Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. But there is also a good percentage of readers from other countries, such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, followed by smaller ones from the Netherlands, Romania, and even as far away as from Brazil.

These are the real wonders of today's global society!

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