Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring chores

Thaw is finally ongoing although it produces flood disasters in many areas after all the snow we got this winter.

I have completed and mailed all tax returns due for last year for both myself and the organization I work with.  It's a boring and painstaking process that requires, however, strict attention because the tax offices do make changes in forms and instructions, which are not very user friendly to gather from their online sites. 

Some spring cleaning and some equipment annual maintenance has started at home, and all clocks have been reset to the new daylight savings time today. My annual medical checkups are also ongoing and so far all results are quite satisfactory.

Now it's time to review, reorganize, and re-prioritize the remaining to-do list, expand future plans, and develop related projects.

Although not officially here yet, I want to wish everyone a Happy Spring!  

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Adam said...

Hi Drita. Nice blog. I hope all went well with the medical checks, I have the same to go through tomorrow. Also busy on paperwork. Spring is a buzy time.