Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A ray of hope?

Another huge snow blizzard has just swept across the US again,and, here in NY, the streets are now also completely covered with ice since the temperature continues to be subzero. The storm's path has extended from the north all the way down into Texas and Mexico, which is a very unusual pattern.

Over 10,000 flights were canceled since yesterday around the country, house roofs are buckling under the weight of multiple layers of precipitation, power lines downfalls have put thousands of people in the dark and cold, hundreds of cars got stuck for hours with motorists inside (200 automobiles in one major highway in Chicago alone!), thousands of emergency calls asked for help, and now even pieces of ice are falling onto streets from skyscrapers. There does not seem to be an end to all this mess, and, as I am writing, the weatherman is tracking the 9th storm that should be upon us by Saturday!

Meantime today, at the Staten Island Zoo, as per tradition, the well known groundhog "Chuck" has emerged from his 'lodging' under the scrutinizing eyes of children and was hailed by our Mayor because he did not see his shadow! It's said that this means we can expect an early spring! As per statistics his record is 80% correct. Should we believe him?

[pictures from the Staten Island Advance]

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