Saturday, February 19, 2011

Temperamental mouse...and cat!

The other day I finally had to give in to my capricious computer mouse! It had been bothering me for a few days since it wasn't responding quickly to my commands, and it would freeze once in a while. I cleaned it again and again, then I substitute it with another one I forgot I had at home, but the results didn't satisfy me.

I was in the midst of a lot of computer related work, but decided not to waste any more time, and go crazy troubleshooting. I dropped everything and went out to buy a new mouse. For other reasons related to my present computer, already loaded with additional USB attached peripherals, I knew I couldn't purchase a wireless one. I was surprised when I got to the store where I found only 2 brand names to choose from in the optical type, corded category, while the shelves displayed loads of other wireless units.

Speaking of wireless, this brings to mind a funny accident recently related to me by a dear neighbor of mine, who purchased a computer and learned to manage its use and email at the good age of 85.

One day she noticed that her cat was playing with something, but she didn't pay much attention to it. When she decided to use her computer, however, she came to realize that her mouse was gone! Embarrassed, as she told me, she had to engage some help not only to find the mouse that was abandoned by her cat underneath a piece of furniture, but also to make it functional again. Displacement of a wireless gadget is something that one would never think about it, right?

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