Saturday, May 14, 2011

Albanian elections

Voting for Administrative elections was completed in Albania last weekend, but final results are not yet available. The counting of votes remains incomplete to date only in one zone of the capital, which is located nearby to where I lodge. The battle to win the Mayoral race of Tirana is fierce between the incumbent Socialist Rama and the Democratic, ex Minister of Interior, Basha. At this writing there are only about 600 votes apart.

The voting process went on relatively well throughout the country, but the counting, although conducted very transparently, has been marred by distrust and wrangling in some areas, and has led to bitter exchanges among the political rows in the Central Election Commission, especially in the last few hours.

The remaining problematic, unfinished key zone, which is critical in the mayoral race of Tirana proper is still ongoing. As of this morning the content of only 8 more boxes remains to be counted, and the monitoring process in this particular voting area is being overseen personally by the US and European Ambassadors during the past few days.

Let’s hope that the stalemate is overcome soon, and that final results will be acceptable by the two major parties, whatever the outcome.

Being present in the country it’s impossible not to watch the local TV programs that transmit ‘live’ updates 24 hours a day. Frankly speaking I never been so much glued to a TV set as I am now, while in Albania.

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