Saturday, May 21, 2011

New band

While in Tirana a young cousin of mine, named Julian, whom I have watched grow up for almost two decades of my traveling to Albania, came visiting when he heard I was in town.

He is an author of music and songs, which he also sings himself when participating in national and international presentations. Although fully employed in an office, he continues to pursue the musical career that has always been his dream.

Yesterday he confirmed that he recently converted the family garage into a musical studio, which is now well equipped and functional. He has had his own website for a while, and now, with other friends, he formed the 'Unix Band'. They have just produced their own first official musical video, entitled "Jeta Ime" that is now on YouTube. Next month he'll be in Turkey for a week to be part of another round of Eurovision musical presentations for this year.

Unfortunately, this week's political predicament is not yet settled in Tirana where the final vote counting has not yet been declared, due a number of contested ballots. The situation is very fragile, in the midst of endless debates and confrontations, but most people go about their business and the young people I talk with are busy with their own goals. May all their dreams for the future come true for them!

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