Thursday, September 22, 2011

Long traveling for a short visit

During this past weekend I took a short trip to Michigan, where I visited relatives and friends, and did some planning to do a fundraiser next spring for the organization I am involved in, that deals with Albanian culture and education and I am helping on a volunteer basis.
When I landed at Washington's National airport where I had to make a connection, I noticed a large crowd surrounding a full size orchestra playing national hymns at a nearby gate.
With time to spare I approached the group that continuously kept pace with the music by clapping hands, and realized that they were greeting wars' veterans disembarking from another plane. It was quite moving to see the reactions of complete strangers that so enthusiastically were saluting and shaking hands with former members of the military that were exiting the plane and congregating in a nearby area. Lots of them were in wheels chairs, but all of them had broad smiles on their faces!
The continuation of my travel went well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the four, full days spent in the Detroit area with meetings of all sorts, albeit the lack of sleep. I was reprimanded by my relatives because I didn't allow them to host me at their homes, as per Albanian tradition, but the Hampton Inn I chose to stay at, in a central location of the city, surprisingly turned out to be an exceptionally good lodging that actually pampered their guests in many a way.

The return home was a different story. The small plane from Detroit to Washington was full, and on time.
only 50 passengers

above Lake Michigan

traveling toward rainy Washington

hazy Washington and the Pentagon

quiet Potomac

landing at National

But ended getting back home late because the shuttle aircraft I was booked on had mechanical problems, and we had to be transferred to a larger plane to finally reach LaGuardia airport in NYC.

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