Sunday, March 04, 2012

An Albanian movie

Glad that "The Forgiveness of Blood" was again presented  in a NY theater, yesterday I went to see this gripping story which treats a subject not new to me since it depicts traditional customs and cultural practices that ruled for centuries northern Albanian lands where my ancestors lived.  

I am aware that some 'blood feuds' unfortunately still exists  in Albania. Just about a decade ago I have also met and known a so called 'mediator", when he actually traveled between the US and Albania, to settle these type of disputes, but he never discussed any of his cases. 

What  was really interesting to me in this film was to see this tragedy evolve in the contest of a modern setting.  The divide between this ancient rule of law still being dealt by elders in the same old fashion, versus  the modern, at times,  as expected, rebellious behavior of the younger generation using however the latest technology, was striking. 

Several are the reviews available online, such as the ones from the LA Times, and the Huff Post. What I miss, however, are more details about the actual performers, whom, I understand, although local,  were non professional actors.  I thought they all did a wonderful job, but, for me,  Rudina's performance  (played by young  Sindy Lacej)  was consistently excellent.

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