Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chores.... and the weather

Since my return home I have been busy with chores galore!  It's a seemingly never ending process when I come back from a long stay abroad. 

My lodgings are in need of a thorough cleanup; my plants, which always endure my absence thanks to the occasional watering by a friend, necessitate lots of pruning of old leaves and branches; my accumulated printed mail demands immediate attention to sort out important communications and bills, among hundreds of posts, sales catalogs, junk stuff, and an innumerable amount of solicitations from a variety of charities. 

My sleeping pattern is out of whack for at least a week, due to jet-lag, but waking up in the middle of the night offers quiet times to take care at least of the desk and related paperwork. There is not much time to rest during the day since I am also due for medical checkups that in NY require lots of additional time to travel to and from related medical establishments. 

All of this goes on while the body attempts physical readjustments to the change of environment, which is quite noticeable to me, as I age. NY weather greatly affects my osteoarthritis, which does not bother me when abroad; thus, while at home, I have to resume my physio-therapeutic sessions and take analgesic medication from time to time.  

The heat waves of this summer have taken a toll everywhere. I am used to the mostly humid ones in NY for more than half a century, although getting in and out of highly air conditioned areas, taxes our body, but the current 'African temperatures' being experienced in the Mediterranean areas during these past few weeks are hard to endure, especially for people that cannot afford the time to go to the beaches or on vacation somewhere else.

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