Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Centenary aftermath

The past month passed so very quickly for me, here in Tirana, busy as I was with lots of development work to celebrate Albania's centenary and host special guests and relatives that came visiting from abroad (Italy, Montenegro, and the USA). 
I planned and participated in many events, given interviews, met an incredible amount of new people, and successfully carried out activities for the organization I founded and continue to support in Albania.  

It has been an astonishing time, difficult to recount and document, but, definitely to be shared in some shape or form in the near future, hopefully with lots of pictures.

The weather has been pretty nice all along, except for the past three days, when rain persisted day and night.  
This morning, however, as I was saying goodbye to departing guests, the sun was shining again brightly and the air was brisk and clear. 
We woke up to the first snow of the season on the Dajti mountain chain that surrounds Tirana.  Cheers, winter is here!

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