Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday enjoyment

At my age one should no longer count years, and I, for one, never gave much importance to celebrating my birthdays. However, my friends always remember me on such occasions, wherever I am, either in Europe or in the US, and modern technology greatly facilitates sending wishes globally with a touch of a finger. One of them, via email, this year reminded me that the older one gets, the more valuable one turns out to be....and, as I think of it, I must admit I become aware of this when my experience and know how is sought by the people I deal with. 

A few years back some of my friends also realized that the best gift for me was no longer a personal item, but a thoughtful donation to the cause that I support on both sides of the Atlantic in the name of my family toward education and culture of Albanian youth.

This year was no exception, but, notwithstanding my attempts not to make a big deal of the occasion, my Albanian friends sent flowers to my apartment and insisted in treating me to a delicious lunch and some leisure time in the country.
 A small, beautifully wrapped package was also waiting for me when we arrived at the restaurant.  Intrigued at first, I was completely surprised when I discovered its content: a Samsung Galaxy smart phone! 

It is quite ironic that instead of me being well equipped, as an American, with the latest gadget, I was still using an old generation cell phone until a few hours ago, and now I am receiving training in the latest technology by young and mature Albanians who are real experts at it!  

So much said for a country that was totally isolated from the rest of the world until 2 decades ago! Cheers!!

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