Friday, July 05, 2013

Time to pack

My current stay in Albania is winding down and I’ll return to NY in a few days. Lots of work has been accomplished in the past 2 ½ months that saw, weather wise, an unusually constant rainy spring season followed by torrid temperatures at the start of summer.  During the past week we have been fortunate, however, to have pleasantly cool nights, thus allowing a respite from the daily sweat that, due to some physical work in the past few days, was unavoidable. 

The plan is to relocate our office due to upcoming new construction at the current site, which will begin during the summer and will take a couple of years to complete. At that time we’ll have brand new and large quarters with better facilities that will allow us to develop all sorts of activities according to our mission and plans.

Now, while bones and muscles are being exercised in lots of required packing that just started and will go on for a while, our minds continue to elaborate plans, and projects that will be more efficiently  carried out in the future thanks to a modern and well equipped setup. Our work to benefit Albanian  youth in their education and culture has just began, but the response to our efforts in this direction are already very much appreciated and future ones are eagerly sought and awaited for.        

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