Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The view from my desk.....

Spring is sprouting out everywhere, here in Tirana. After a couple of weeks of gorgeous daily sunshine and moonlit quiet nights, intermittent rain is settling in for a few days and the trees are donning their first tiny green leaves.

The tip of the Dajti mountain chain gets spotted with some snow that melts quickly. The whole scenery seems to change by the hour.  The air gets cooler and crisp at night and the clouds appear and disappear in their unrelenting path toward the sea…..

This scenery is unthinkable when one lives in the cement canyons of New York City where strong winds persist almost constantly. Smaller Tirana that keeps expanding at a rapid rate all over the surrounding hills and mountains offers a different panorama and the wind here is almost non existent.  One things these cities have in common, however, is the incredible traffic jams when it rains!!

It's now late afternoon, and the scene is changing again.....bright yellow thanks to the sunsetting, while dark clouds are obscuring the Dajti mountain chain on the East......

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