Saturday, April 05, 2014

The swallows.......

.....have arrived promptly last week from their winter lodgings, thus, spring has officially started here! The nest that was built by some of them near my kitchen window (12 stories high) is again in use. Every morning I can see these lovely birds flying back and forth from it.  Their most active time seems to be round 10am.

While I was away during the winter, my apartment was repainted and with it also some external walls of the building. As it can be seen from the short video I took now some spots of paint ended up on the outside of the nest. It was not easy to catch their comings and goings, and I was unable to seize a particularly interesting moment when one of these birds actually inspected the outer layers of the nest before entering it. 

It’s amazing to watch animals of all kind. How do these swallows find their original home? They seem to teach us even how to keep regular meal times, which is something of a fete for me to maintain when abroad, when my time has to be adapted to local customs and must be split between business meetings and friends at all hours of the day.     

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