Saturday, July 05, 2014

Holiday weekend

This Independence Day weekend turned out to be a mixture of bad and good weather, here in NYC. 

After a week of extreme heat and humidity, and a couple of dreadful  storms two days in a raw, the rain stopped just in time for the 4th of July fireworks to be enjoyed, also thanks to a drastic drop in temperature during the evening,  by the huge crowds that gathered along the East River in NYC to watch them .  Here in the city, we have been lucky this week to have been spared  by Arthur, the first hurricane of this season that has created havoc along the Eastern coast of the U.S., and today we have gorgeous sunshine tempered by a very strong wind.

As it happens during long holiday weekends, I am usually the only one in town on my floor, and a strange, but welcome silence permeates not only the building in which I live, but also the avenue of our location.  For a variety of reasons it is a very busy and noisy thoroughfare during the week,  but during this type of weekend there is a complete stillness in the air, with practically nonexistent vehicular traffic, except for an occasional taxi passing by.  

It’s great to have all windows open and not hear even a fly go by……it’s a perfect time to catch up with desk work that is not on the ‘must do list’ and to enjoy on TV some of the exiting soccer matches taking place in Brazil.

Unfortunately, the forecast for Monday is again very high temperature and another heat wave for the rest of the week!  Let’s just savor this brief delightful break, before it’s time again to shut the windows and turn on the a/c day and night!

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