Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ideal vacation spots

As per trend that is now ongoing for almost two decades, Albania continues its ascent as an ideal country to visit and spend time in, since it offers a great deal of natural beauties in its inland areas, including archeological sites, an attractive coast line, spanning over two seas (Adriatic and Ionian), a Mediterranean climate, and now even an eclectic cuisine. 
Aside from foreign tourist agencies that include Albania in their tours, cruise lines that now begin to make stops in Albanian ports, and blog recounts of adventurous travelers that dare climb even the least accessible mountain areas, the world press is also touting this country's new status as an excellent vacation spot.  
This past week the NY Times Travel Section ranks the Albanian Coast as number 4 among 52 places to explore in the world in 2014, and another article and video by the WorldBank appears today online, indicating what motivates some natives to open small bed and breakfast even in remote areas.   

All of this, coupled with renown Albanian hospitality, it’s no wonder why many wish to return to this tiny, friendly country. You'll be welcomed: 'Mire se vini!' 


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