Thursday, August 07, 2014

Getting to know more about Albania

For my friends who do not share news via FB, but, I know, might be interested in getting more acquainted with the country of my origin, here are a couple of articles that depict the current situation in this tiny country.

Some of you have already visited Albania, but may have missed some beautiful spots and the contrasts between the eastern and western cultures that Tirana offers , even by itself. They are summarized in this article by Argophilia, if you care to revisit or will eventually land one day in this capital. 

For others still considering this some sort of a mysterious country, yes, there are completely strange spots in it. In most cases they are accessible only by foot and visited by adventurers or expert mountaineers. One of them, although well known for its ‘dark side’, was until very recently, totally self contained and unattainable even by the local enforcement agencies. Channel4 was apparently curious enough to make it there.     

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