Monday, September 08, 2014

There is always time to learn

I am currently in the midst of updating for the nth time my personal legal papers, and, quite coincidentally and appropriately, today I came across this interesting article in the NY Times. 

I have gone through this exercise repeatedly during my life, since I do believe in leaving some sort of meaningful documents to whomever will have to take care of me, when and if incapacitated, and will have to deal with my affairs after my demise. Every time I am also amazed about how many changes can take place in one’s existence as the days and years go by!

Reading this article gave me comfort that so far I have always covered the necessary grounds to accomplish the above goal, but, even today when I read it, I found in it an additional clue about a situation I had not thought about, but that recently has entered into my life, and thus requires some extra deliberation, which will be incorporated into my plans. 

All this confirms that there is always something to learn in life until the very last moment. My mother used to say that ‘life is a school’ and I might add that its results will be dealt with at ‘graduation time’!

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