Thursday, November 17, 2011

Albanian development

For almost two decades now that I travel to Albania regularly, I have witnessed sweepingly great changes in all sorts of Albania life, most of which are still, though, concentrated in its capital, Tirana, where a large number of Albanians from the hinterland has been flowing into for better opportunities.

But, another flow of people has been slowly, but increasingly occurring in the country from abroad. They are foreign visitors, curious to get to know a nation mysteriously isolated for more than half a century, which is now a fully fledged member of NATO, and aspiring to become a European state in the near future.

Some of Albania’s natural beauty consists of inland (splendid, mountainous) areas that are slowly getting better discovered thanks to new access roads, while its very attractive coastline, spanning over two seas (Adriatic & Ionian), offers Mediterranean climate throughout the year.

Tourism, touted by local and foreign tourist agencies, continues to grow and is an important element of business development, as indicated in this article of

Another area of development is publishing, proven by an annual book fair that, each year, now attracts more and more participants with a growth of interesting printed materials, as confirmed also by this article in The Economist.

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