Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blessed climate

Late last month, as I was leaving northern Italy, I left behind bad weather, only to hear and see that wintry conditions were also creating disasters in the U.S., but, here in Tirana, we are still blessed with a milder climate and wonderful sunny days.

The temperature has now dipped a bit at night, but during the day a light jacket is quite sufficient in walking around. On Friday, actually, someone came to meet me at my office, in short sleeves.

Last Sunday it was wonderful to still be able to eat lunch outdoors. It took place at a restaurant that has the shape of an airplane because is located just a few km away from Tirana’s International airport. The structure also houses a hotel and a bar.
It’s in the middle of the countryside, and offers interesting views of air traffic. The dining tables were scattered around the gardens, but the waiters moved around quickly, serving everyone in a quiet and efficient manner.
I could not but marvel about the beautiful display of violets in the surrounding garden and pool areas.
[the very old olive tree still thriving in the midst of flower beds]

The food was good as usual, and on the way back to town, a gorgeous sunset accompanied us home.

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nousha said...

the place looks really nice! Do you have the name of the restaurant?