Saturday, November 26, 2011

Busy weekends

As per tradition the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend in NY sees the start of the holidays' sales. I just watched on TV the madness caused yesterday during this, so called, 'black Friday', and can report that something similar has happened today (Saturday) in Tirana.

Another 'super' megastore, named TEG (for Tirana East Gate) was inaugurated in this capital. From what I hear, it contains products and stores that represent more than 20 different foreign countries.

The police had to intervene to redirect the vehicular traffic that jammed one of the longest throuroughfares of this city leading to this mammoth complex, which registered more than 138,000 visitors in this first day of operation.

Just like in NY advertising brochures are slipped under apartments' doors every day by all sorts of businesses, including restaurants and food establishments that, however, in Tirana do deliveries by motor scooters and not by bicycles. TEG was no exception. Actually, since a week ago, it also anchored 2 large balloons with their logo on it, shaped as ducks, into the Lana canal that crosses the city. Today I noticed that some passing children had fun jumping onto them from the surrounding green areas bordering this waterway. Needless to say one of them eventually slipped and got himself soaked, but they were all having a great time!!

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